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our company provides DIGITAL SIGNAGE systems, MOBILE MARKETING systems, and crm for catering, retailing, banking, and the hospitality industry. 

IncrediTECHs provides system integration, realization of  advanced  technologies and services for their further use, maintenance and development; supply of equipment, distribution of specialized software and development of graphic and video content.


IncrediTECHs offers technologies and solutions:

Which effectiveness has been proven by highly successful projects

There is integration with the Digital Signage system, technology of mobile marketing, CRM for the leaders of Russian retailing market, QSR, and hospitality industry, among  the completed projects.

With high-end system of analytics and statistics

IncrediTECHs enables business users, marketers or IT personnel to control every facet of onsite digital media in real-time, such as managing ads, promotions, and information, both locally and centrally, creating high impact while reducing operational costs.

With positive ROI

IncrediTECHs helps businesses attract clients, reinforce branding, and ensure a measurable impact. The solutions are tailored to engage consumers by creating an exciting, brand-reinforcing customer experience, while optimizing communications and marketing strategies. 






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