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Complex concept of Digital Signage QSR:

  • YCD|Digital Menu Board – Digital Menu Board System
  • YCD|AdScreen – Checkout Monitor System
  • YCD|Impulse – Promotional Display System


Joining the Russian market relatively recently in 2010, "Burger King" had to deal with an already developed market of fast food in Russia. In order to stand out among competitors and win the sympathy of consumers, "Burger King" required an innovative solution to increase brand awareness and increase traffic in restaurants network.






IncrediTECHs developed a comprehensive solution Digital Signage for the restaurant chain «Burger King», according to which:

  • Digital Menu Board Systems, implemented by professional 42" LCD high-resolution monitors, are used to broadcast the menu. Due to the software capabilities of the content broadcasting, content can be adjusted depending on the time of day, day of the week, and season, creating a more focused promotion of products.
  • The Checkout Monitor System (AdScreen) was additionally installed to implement marketing campaigns of «Burger King» restaurants.
  • The settings of the content broadcasting algorithm on the Checkout Monitors allow the promotion of additional products depending on the products purchased by the customer at the moment, or is dependent on current products in stock.
  • In «Burger King» restaurants, monitors are placed behind the windows, broadcasting content aimed at attracting external traffic.
  • Monitors broadcasting audio tracks and video clips are placed indoor to entertain the younger guests. The flexible platform allows the customization of the broadcasting schedule, volume and the playlist.
  • Content broadcast of all restaurants is managed by a centralized control system via the Internet.


Digital Signage Systems allowed for the attraction of visitors to «Burger King» restaurants, the assurance consistently high traffic, and an increase brand awareness.

Positive experience relating to the usage of integrated multimedia systems in «Burger King» restaurants has provided integration of technology in every opening restaurant of network.