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Comprehensive concept of Digital Signage Retail:

  • YCD|AdScreen – Checkout Monitor System
  • YCD|Impulse – Promotional Display System


Store chain "Dixy", as most retailers of FMCG, is practicing regular stimulating actions. Weekly updates of special offers forces retailers to order regular revisions of the layouts, and they are  dependent on designers and printers. To reduce the time and costs associated with the development and delivery of marketing models, Digital Signage under innovative CMS - YCD|RAMP control has been integrated in one of «Dixie» stores.






Subject to the terms of marketing campaigns, «Dixy» Promotional Displays were placed in every store, and at checkouts with the AdScreen System for the special offer  "items at the cashier".


Despite the short duration of the pilot project, "Dixy" Digital Signage System has already demonstrated its effectiveness in promoting new products and implementation of marketing campaigns.