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  • YCD|AdScreen – Customer POS Monitor
  • YCD|RAMP – Platform for Management of Multimedia Systems Contents


In order to broadcast personal marketing campaigns and advertising contents of indirect advertisers the company “Doctor Stoletov” required such a Digital Signage solution that would make it possible to manage remotely those campaigns, create and change the content swiftly.







Depending on the branding of “Doctor Stoletov”, “Khoroshie Apteki” and “Ozerki” chains and a specific location interior design, the stores were equipped with customer POS monitors (YCD|AdScreen solution). Each monitor, a 17 LCD screen in anti-vandal enclosure, was placed at trading desks near the POS or behind the show-window glass.
“Doctor Stoletov”’s and its related brands Digital Signage system is being managed by YCD|RAMP Platform. Functional capabilities of YCD|RAMP make it possible for the operator to change and/or modify content parameters such as price, period of sales and item’s photographs in a very easy way. Advertising campaigns may be both unified for all the retail chain stores or its groups, or include additional, local, advertising clips.


Digital Signage System under the management of YCD|RAMP Platform enables “Doctor Stoletov” offer high-performance advertising space for advertisers, respond rapidly to local changes of the chain (weather change, warehouse stock availability) and reduce expenses and time expenditure for development and delivery of promotional materials among the retail chain locations.