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Individual solution for each object:

  • YCD|Impulse – Promotional Display System
  • YCD|Muvi Wall – Video Wall System


Looking for new and effective solutions to promote banking products, Home Credit Bank was one of the first banks in Russia that drew their attention to the possibilities of multimedia systems. Today, a significant part of Moscow offices of Home Credit Bank, including the central bank office, is equipped Digital Signage.







With integration of Digital Signage in Home Credit Bank offices, IncrediTECHS specialists developed a customized solution for each object. Depending on the location and characteristics of offices premises, within or on the facades were placed various configurations of Video Walls and Promotional Monitors. In addition to the integration of Multimedia Systems, IncrediTECHS specialists have developed the content concept of Home Credit Bank. Now information about the bank services and products is broadcasted on high resolution LCD screens. Digital Signage content of all bank offices is manageable by a centralized control system.


Application of Digital Signage in Home Credit Bank offices allows the increase of effectiveness in the promotion of banking products, as well as improved communication with customers.