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Comprehensive concept of Digital Signage Retail:

  • YCD|AdScreen – Checkout Monitor System
  • YCD|Impulse – Promotional Display System


One previous direction of “Victoria’s” marketing strategy was the promotion of their producs. The debut of Digital Signage was launched in one of «Victoria’s» supermarkets to more effectively promote their own product.






For the debut, IncrediTECHS’ experts developed a placement plan for Digital Signage, according to which 42'' LCD screens were placed in every department of the supermarket that broadcast deals of the week, corresponding to each department of the supermarket. A Checkout Monitor System (AdScreen) was located near the supermarket checkout area, and broadcasted special offers during each specific day.

Content management systems use an innovative Digital Signage Management System YCD RAMP. Working on the basis of FLASH and HTML5 templates, RAMP system allows flexibility to manage Digital Signage Content and promptly update the various content elements - photographs of the products, the timing of special offers, prices, etc. 


Statistics of product promotion using multimedia systems in the pilot project for "Victoria" has already shown positive results, and the unique capabilities of YCD|RAMP – the content control – allows changes to the Multimedia Solution content and savings on development of printed promotional materials.