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Digital Signage for HoReCa:

  • YCD|Muvi Wall – Video Wall System
  • YCD|Impulse - Promotional Display System
  • YCD|AdScreen – Checkout Monitor System


The innovative concept of «Red Espresso Bar» demanded advanced solutions for the interior design of coffee shops. Therefore, Digital Signage Systems were installed in all «Red Espresso Bar» establishments, focusing on HoReCa.






Digital Signage is unique to each «Red Espresso Bar» coffee shop. 46" -55"  Promotional Displays and various videowalls are installed in «Red Espresso Bar», depending on the area of the establishment. Common technology for all establishments is the Checkout Monitor System - AdScreen.

Images of food and drinks, video clips, and audio tracks are broadcasted on advertising panels and Video Walls in «Red Espresso Bar». Checkout Monitor System (AdScreen) broadcasts marketing campaigns of the establishment.

Broadcasted content of all establishments is managed by a centralized control system via the Internet.


Through use of Digital Signage in the interior design of the «Red Espresso Bar» coffee shop chain, it was possible to implement striking design concepts. With the help of the Checkout Monitor System, the process of marketing campaigns implementation has become easier and more productive.