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As a hosted, web-based solution, IncrediTECHS provides you with everything you need to program, schedule, manage, and distribute your content easily, quickly, and accurately — without having to disrupt your existing IT or management infrastructure. Our content management engine provides unparalleled control and flexibility, with the scalability to grow with your business.


At IncrediTECHS we believe a project starts long before plans are drawn or displays are mounted.  Because all of our customers are unique and come with a specific set of challenges and needs, we apply years of industry knowledge to advise the best approach for creating the most effective digital experience.  A successful experience starts with the right plan.


From inception forward, IncrediTECHS's team of trained professionals will work to ensure a seamless process for integrating your digital signage system into your existing infrastructure.  From design/build for new locations to redesign of existing stores, we offer complete support programs to cover all of the details. 


IncrediTECHS's team of experienced professionals will provide you with full range of installation of multimedia equipment in the infrastructure of the facility. Full testing of all systems of the Digital Signage project is held after completion of the commissioned work.


An important part of successful deployment is to provide our customer with the right tools and knowledge to manage all aspects of the digital experience.  In everything from basic functionality, content management and user controls to full integration with corporate IT infrastructure, IncrediTEHCS commits to establishing a self-sustainable and independently monitored system.



The key to realizing the benefits and business results from your digital media system is understanding what works and what doesn't.  As part of our offering we work with our customers to perform ongoing reporting and measurement to further optimize functionality.  Our range of products offer such tools as analytics and BI modules, which work to provide the information necessary to continue enhancing the digital experience in a way that brings real ROI


Whether remote support, on-site services or development, IncrediTECHS's team of experienced professionals will accommodate your company's needs and ensure seamless system functionality.  Our comprehensive services packages include regular product updates, 24-hour support and new version releases.  Our customers depend on the experience we help provide and we work to make sure the experience is a lasting one.