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The most important and most commonly used system feature, which allows establishment to increase income by optimizing the occupancy of tables. Convenient electronic scheme of tables helps hostess to easily manage orders and restaurant tables. Controlling the placement of orders is greatly simplified thanks to the feature "automatic order." During great occupancy Restorun 2.0 selects a table, analyses the time visitors spent at each table, calculates the best time of its release, takes into account the number of persons for each order and automatically provides the time window for the new reservation. 


Unlike similar systems, Restorun 2.0 is able to effectively track and manage multiple waiting lists at the same time: visitors, waiting in the lobby, callers and those who book via the Internet. Data from all sources is automatically matched with information about the availability of tables in the establishment. 


During each customer's call Restorun 2.0 detects incoming number and provides complete information about the client, allowing you to further personalize the service and enhance the reputation of the establishment.



We work with leading companies that install EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) in Russia - UCS Original Software (R-Keeper) and HRS Systems (Micros-Fidelio), Resto Software (iiKo) and etc. These companies and dozens of others have designed an interface to connect EPOS systems with Restorun 2.0, which allows hostess to receive information about guests and relevant information about the status of occupied tables in real-time. 


Unlike similar systems, Restorun 2.0 has more advanced online reservation module. Orders can be received from any web resource, whether it's a restaurant's website, any partners page or popular web portal. Online reservation orders come directly to the system and undergo the procedure of optimization to be placed along with other orders. When booking, web resource users receive instant confirmation of your booking, without additional calls to the restaurant.